Provide Consistent Customer Support Across Multiple Channels

Lower costs by 20-30% on avarage
Increase customers’ satisfaction rate
Free up time and capital

Delegate Your Customer Service Support to Professionals

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Services we offer:
Our aim is to let you and your team focus on core business and let us handle all Customer service operations at very cost-effective rates
LiveChat, and Email support
A well-written, empathetic email and friendly attitude ensure that your customer is happy with the encounter. Whether it's a reminder or an email campaign, we got you covered while providing you extraordinary Online Chat support 24/7. Also, we can set up email and marketing campaign automation.
Phone support
Phone coverage through any available channel with multilingual agents. We will assist your customers swiftly and flawlessly, whether it is an incoming or outgoing call, a video conference, or a text message. A kind, friendly attitude shows them that we value their business.
Realtime Social Support and FAQ
Responding to the incoming chats on any social media platform (FB, Instagram DMs, Linkedin, and more) is extremely important for business, especially for brands whose main target group is the Y and Z generation.
Outsourcing in numbers
How It Works

We can help you work more effectively

1BackOffice provides scalable, cost-effective, and innovative solutions to companies of any size and industry
Cost-effective solution
24/7 customer response without the financial and managerial burden of hiring staff.
Transparent pricing
You do not need to hire any employees. You just pay for the hours spent on tasks.
Save on average 20 hours a week so you may focus on what you do best.
Seamlessly scaling up
Quickly scale and integrate changes to your workflow to ensure continuous improvement. Hire top talent without hassle.
Get extensive reports
Continually improve the customer experience by tracking the metrics that matter to your team. Reports consist of all the details and data that you need.
Omni-channel approach
Provide seamless customer service to your consumers. Engage in more meaningful relationships with customers every day, across all channels.

Each of our employees is subjected to a

rigorous selection process

Testing before the interview. ​​Detailed background inquiry
Evaluation of skills and areas for development
Individual Approach, Personalized training program
Employees' permanent assessment and evaluations
Mentorship Program with top-performing experts
Bottom-line costs
Instead of hiring and training new staff to tackle low-priority processes, leaders can entrust key BPO activities to a vendor at a fraction of the cost. What’s more, we serve your needs as an outsourcing expert, so you can be confident the services being outsourced are being processed at a high industry standard.

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